Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Epicness

On Saturday, in honor of Labor Day Weekend, I laboriously endured an epic night bike ride that took me from Bethesda to MacArthur Boulevard to Colombia Heights and back to Bethesda. My friend Mary's Birthday was yesterday and she hosted a bbq Saturday night to celebrate. I made her a no-smoking sign cake which I transported 5.6 miles on my bike to her house. Many people doubted that I could do this, and deliver the cake in one piece, but I did it and I think I could make a business of it.

After eating a lot and awkwardly socializing with the "smokers" at Mary's house, I rode my bike over to Sarah's, where another party was being held. This was a very last minute decision, I'm not sure what I was thinking but I just had the urge to traverse the city by bike, like last Saturday. This was a very different part of the city, though... a much hillier part. In the 6.4 mile ride from Chain Bridge Rd to Fairmont Street, here are some of the hills I conquered: the long hill up Reservoir Road between Foxhall and Wisconsin Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park, Reno Road from Mass Ave to Cleveland Road (so very steep), and Calvert Street approaching Connecticut Ave. It was a nice scenic route, though, taking me by the French Embassy, Georgetown University Hospital, the Social Safeway, Joe Biden's home, Mama Aisha's mural, and the many partiers making the trek from the Woodley metro to Adams Morgan. By the time I got to Sarah's, I was tired and slightly scared from the knife I had just seen lying in the street. I had kind of run out of steam so I wasn't very much fun. I had just enough time to briefly socialize, talk to Meghan's (Sarah's bff and roommate) friends about how sweet it would be if 1215 Fairmont organized a rooftop block party, finally try Sarah's famous homemade ice cream, and play HAHA on the floor to be a part of the new blog

I left with Nikki and Eric and walked with them back to their apartment on 16th street, then rode my bike from there to Cleveland Park, another 2.8 miles, where my loving Joshua picked me up at an Exxon Station. I went home and passed out watching the end of the LSU v UNC game. I consider this ride so epic mainly because of the cake delivery but also because of the night riding. This is something I wouldn't like to get in too much of a habit of because it is far more dangerous than riding during the day. I just can't help how good it feels to get around by bike. It makes me feel so efficient and accomplished and useful.

Yesterday, my bikes were not utilized but I did go for a nice run in the morning and then to the Rays/Orioles game in Baltimore with Josh. The Rays lost but it was a fun game and the weather was great, except that it burnt us. Last night, we went to a party at our friend's house in McLean Gardens (near the cathedral) and I was dd for Josh and Brendon. I noted, repeatedly, to Josh how awesome it would be to have a bike taxi to lug them around in. It was a joke at first but the more I think about it, the more I kind of want one. Talk about feeling useful and accomplished.

I slept briefly before waking up at 8 am to partake in a bike ride with two coworkers, Kate and Allison. We took the Capital Crescent Trail to Georgetown and back and left early in hopes of avoiding the likely congestion on this gorgeous-weather holiday. It turns out the trail is just as busy at 8:30 in the morning as it is at noon and we did a lot of stroller dodging but it kept us on our toes. Allison, whose bike is in disrepair, rode Lucy so she and Charlie had their first ride together! I'd say it went very well. Afterwords, they had the privilege of seeing my messy apartment and buying my friendship with a hearty breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Bethesda. Now I'm tired but I am fighting it off so Josh and I can follow through on our plans to play at the park with every type of ball you can imagine, something we did regularly in Gainesville and have done far too little of since we moved here and started our 9-5 jobs. I could get used to not working Mondays. And I will get used to this weather. I declared yesterday that if I have a daughter, I'm naming her Autumn. Fall is the most wonderful time of the year and I'm so glad to already feel her presence!

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