Monday, August 16, 2010


You may have noticed the change in this blog's name. That is because Charlie's here! Charlie is my new TREK, who I've just finally met today. I've named her after Charles City, my favorite town on Ragbrai where I picked up and first rode Lucy 5.0, the initial inspiration for this purchase. I haven't ridden her much, only around the block a few times. But it was enough to feel her smoothness and speediness. My dad and I have begun planning our century ride up to Frederick and around Sugarloaf Mountain. Maybe I should take her for a few more spins around the block before she hits the road for a 100 mile day. But if she's going to be friends with Lucy and I, she'll be hardcore and up for anything, like a true "gorilla woman". So welcome to my life Charlie, I can't wait to get to know you so much better!

Lucy and Charlie get acquainted

Gorilla Women Unite!

Also, Sarah gave me this present today:

It appears I have a lot of exploring to do...

So, like Joey Tribiani, I'll get in my map and see what these roads have to offer!

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