Monday, August 2, 2010

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A rainy welcome to Iowa...

Rain can't stop our excitement!
Driving west across the state
Opening a new door

Flooding in Manchester, Iowa-- Friday evening

Camping is in tents

Back wheels in the Missouri River!

Sioux City, where the first Ragbrai departed from in 1973, and where our first departed from in 2010

A tradition for first-time riders

It wasn't Joyce but someone rode that thing across the state!

Leeds, our first stopover town

Fans waving from a bridge overhead
Betsy Shaw chugging along!!!
Slipping and Sliding

Ben's first pee in a cornfield

Lucy and I are strong together!

Beautiful open roads of Iowa

Florida jorts, we know what's up

Swimming in Storm Lake our first night

Love Ride

Whittemore, Ben's favorite town

Jam in Algona!
Shark across Iowa. This was very appropriate the day of the monsoon.

Team Flamingo? Lots of men and women with pink hair and beards!

Good to see wind farms
Lunchin with Bets


Clear Lake, Tuesday night

Guess who...

Spirited Shaws refueled by a Girl Scout breakfast!

Rope swing, before people went nude

Peanut Butter Jammin'

Caution: Your peanut butter sandwich may contain peanuts.

We built charles city on karaoke

Joyce and I were so into our TREKs that we forgot to take more than these two pictures with them. Here they are in all their glory...


Just before braving the storm Friday morning. Joyce with Same, Joe, and their dad.


Joice 1987.

Field of Dreams.
Ben hits.
Tom's Turkey lunch

Just after braving Potter's hill.
Only 13 miles to go!

442 miles down, 0 to go!! Yay/ :(

Front tire in the Mississippi!
No more Iowa to ride on...

Late birthday cake waiting for me when I got home, courtesy of Joshua.
The route looks accurate, he couldn't name all the towns though :)

Lucy and I across the hawkeye state!

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