Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lucy has a new friend

I have a confession to make, to Lucy and to my readers. I bought a new bike. It is a 2009 Trek 1.2 wsd. It is a lower end trek but is still an awesome road bike and I am really excited about it. I don't want to betray Lucy or this blog. I will always love her and am, no doubt, keeping her. She's a wonderful commuting and town bike and I will probably still ride her more often than the new one. I just couldn't help myself. So many things made me realize that it is time for me to get a nice road bike. For one, Lucy 5.0 changed my life. Ragbrai, in general, made me love biking more eternally and made me want to commit to more real rides. I want to get out of DC and explore some mountains around here. I want to ride the eastern shore and to ride a century. And my mom found a deal on bikes at a shop in Raleigh, NC. Coincidentally, my parents are visiting family in Raleigh next weekend so I bought the bike and they'll pick it up then. Waiting a week will be hard. Here is a picture of the model I'm getting:

Josh and I rode to Bethesda this afternoon for linner and exploring. We stopped at big wheel bikes on the way home to look around. All the fancy bikes just made me more excited. Josh is in a weird place with biking. He's strong and he can bike far and it's fine but he just doesn't love it like I do. Not even close. Forty miles on a bike for him just gets old. And he had surgery in his tail bone a few years ago so prolonged pressure from a bike seat can irritate it. He's not a fan of his bike so that doesn't help. His bike is like ten years older than Lucy and is my old bike that I regrettably kind of forced on him at the end of college because I thought the bike he'd been riding all year was in way worse shape. It turns out, he misses that bike a lot and isn't a big fan of the Nishiki. Oops. My new purchase is making him wonder if a nicer, more efficient and reliable bike might make a lot of difference in how much he likes to ride. Part of me thinks this is great, that a new bike would encourage him to ride more often and probably make it more enjoyable for longer periods of time. The other part thinks that it is stupid to spend a couple hundred dollars on a nice bike if you don't already love biking and want to do it all the time. It would be nice if Josh loved biking as much as I do and awesome if a nicer bike could make this happen. But biking is biking and, though a nice bike would make it smoother and more enjoyable, you either love it or you don't. Though he's very sweet to join me in rides to Georgetown and Alexandria, I might have to find another companion for my century rides. And for riding across America (already found in Joyce). Maybe when he joins me on Ragbrai someday, which he has agreed to do, his life will be changed by his very own Lucy 5.0 and his eyes will be opened to how amazing and perfect riding a bike really is. Until then, you can find me riding with or without him, and whoever else wants to join, in style and speed on my fancy new trek!!

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