Monday, August 16, 2010

How many words is a picture worth?

Sometimes when I write a blog post that I really like, I hate to write another one and have that post I like not be the first thing people see when they open my blog. That is how I feel about my Ragbrai posts. If anyone is going to open this page and read about my life the past few months, that is the part I want to share the most. But it's not entirely about sharing my stories with others. They also serve as personal mementos, kind of like writing in a journal that other people can read. And that's why I love the Ragbrai posts so much. They weren't so awesome or well-written, they were just full of memories and I enjoyed reveling in the nostalgia and re-reading them multiple times the past few weeks. People say that "a picture is worth 1,000 words" and this may have been true 50 years ago when pictures were rare and special but I feel like the saying has lost it's charm with the advent of digital cameras and the overflow of shared pictures on facebook and elsewhere on the internet. Not that I'm knocking facebook albums, because I love them. I like to share my photos and I like to stalk those of old and new friends. But I'm finding that writing these blog posts the past few months, and going back and reading them, has meant more to me than any facebook album I've created. Though I do, also, embrace the opportunity to share pictures with my writing. I don't know why I never thought to blog before. None of my friends have really been into it so it never crossed my mind. Without Sarah's, I might not have realized that I can do this just for fun. Now, I encourage my friends to blog as well, no matter how unworthy they think their lives are of being shared all over the internet. If nothing else, this is a much more effective way of keeping up with poeple's lives (stalking, if you will). So thank you Sarah for opening my eyes to this wonderful world. And to my few and loyal readers out there, if you've ever liked writing and/or you have any stories to tell, blog blog blog!

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