Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bring on the Biking

I have been slacking recently with riding to work. I haven't done it since last Wednesday. Maybe Tuesday? I dunno I get in a routine of riding the metro and it's just easy to be lazy and keep up the routine, especially when I'm so into a book, as I am with Into Thin Air now. I will make up for my lack of riding this weekend though with three rides in three days. Tomorrow I am riding Charlie to work, working till noon, then riding her downtown for lunch with Josh and home on the crescent trail. I look forward to testing her out in the ten miles home uphill from Georgetown. Saturday, Ingrid and I are doing "Hill and Go Seek", a partnered bike ride/scavenger hunt on capitol hill. We are biking down there and back to keep riding to a maximum (and to keep interacting with the silly tea-party protesters in town to a minimum). Sunday, I am going on a 45 mile ride with Josh and my Mom from Dulles airport area through Leesburg, VA to Purcelville and back. To fuel up for the weekend, Josh and I made some awesome risotto tonight that I just can't help bragging about. It was fun and delicious and it took us like an hour and a half. It also doesn't look half as good as it tastes but here it is!

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