Friday, July 2, 2010

broken bones and missed relationships

Tony and Joan, my uncle and aunt from Vermont, my mom's brother and his wife, have participated in two of the last three Ragbrais with my parents, one of which I also participated in. They were planning to come this year, and there was still potential for them to bring my cousin Katy along. Unfortunately, last weekend, my uncle broke a bone in his foot fly-fishing. He has to wear a boot for six weeks. Bike shoes won't suffice. Now they can't come.

1. It sucks for them and I feel really bad because they were excited about it.
2. I am sad because I was excited about seeing them, and possibly seeing Katy. Our families used to spend a week or two together each year and we were really close. Now our lives are all so busy and scattered that we are lucky to see each other once every two years. I haven't seen my cousin Emily since the summer of 2007 and I haven't seen the rest of them since the summer of 2008. Five years ago, I never would have believed I could go two years or more without seeing them. Every Christmas, I try to petition for us to celebrate together, my mom usually proposes it but for some reason or another it never works. I know this is life. I feel like it is all too apparent to me recently how life changes and it becomes harder and harder to keep up with the people that I once saw so often. I can accept it but I can't deny that it makes me sad. Really sad. I know that some people have and will come and go from my life and that is ok, but it is really hard when there is so much distance from the people I expect to be in my life forever. It's all part of growing up, which I am obviously not entirely ready for.

I hope Tony's foot heals soon and that one of these days we can all rendez-vous on Ragbrai. Maybe we can even drag Nathan, with his hipster fixie, along.


  1. Dear Carrie,

    I have never thought I had anything important enough to blog about, and even if I did it would just become one more computer obsession for me - not advisable.

    I see, though, that blogging seems therapeutic for you, and equally important it would seem to be a worthwhile writing exercise. NPR recently quoted Zinsser, I believe, who said in effect: "Writing is thinking on paper. That's why it's so hard." Reading about your bike rides and buddies and coming-of-age makes me happy that you and Lucy are on the loose...and blogging about it!

    Will be thinking about you every day during Ragbrai!


  2. Hi Carrie,

    Enjoying your blog...we too are disappointed about missing RAGBRAI. Truth be told though, not sure we would have been able to keep up with you and friends in and out of the beer tents! :)

    Anyway, I can hardly believe how much time has gone by since we have all been together. I am in the early stages though of planning a trip to see you all the weekend of Oct 9th. Both Katy and Em are on fall break. Thought it would be nice to get together and celebrate Nana's b'day (a week late but that is the weekend that could potentially work for us). Let us know if you already have plans for that weekend. Will keep you all posted. Logistically challenging but hope to be able to pull it off! It has just been too damn long!
    In the meantime, hope your falls are behind you and that RAGBRAI is a blast with Lucy and company!