Friday, July 16, 2010


1. In one week, I will be 23 and I'll be in a car on my way to Iowa.

2. Yesterday, I rode my bike for the first time in a week. Hopefully the break will be good for me.

3. There was a 3.6 earthquake in the DC area last night and I slept through it. They're making a big deal about this on the news but apparently there are 49,000 earthquakes of this magnitude a year worldwide. "The folks in Califorinia are laughing at us."

4. My parents sold an old bike of ours to my coworkerfriend, Kate, last night and I'm excited to have yet another person to plan bike rides with.

5. Yesterday on my way to work a lady yelled at me for not giving her warning (I was biking by her up a hill, probably max 5 mph). Instead of yelling back and perpetuating the animosity between bikers and the rest of the world, I said "I'm sorry" in my sweetest voice as I rode off. Hopefully I didn't lead her to hate bikers forever more.

5. I signed up for 10 chances to win a TREK dream bike on That would be pretty sweet but I could never part with Lucy.

6. I am looking at a picture of the new cap on the oil leak and there is no oil flowing! This is just a test and we're not supposed to celebrate yet but it's a start!

7. This is my last weekend left with Inna before she moves back to her big city and I'm sad at how time flies. I am running out of time to teach her to ride a bike.

8. Josh and I are going to eastern market tomorrow and I'm excited because I haven't been in a while. I'll be doing a no rain dance...

9. I ran into my friend Stephen while biking through Friendship Heights last night. He is moving to Seattle in September so I'm glad to see him as much as possible before he leaves!

10. My birthday is Wednesday and I am excited for an excuse to have so many friends together at once :)

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